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  • If You're The Only Person Without An Instant Pot, Read This

    Undoubtedly, you already know several people that own Instant Pots. They'll be raving about them on social media and telling you how wonderfully they cook baked beans or some other hard to cook recipe.


    If you're the last holdout on your block, or among your friends, the only person left that doesn't own an Instant Pot, here are some reasons why you should get one, today.



  • They Do Everything, All In One Pot

    Here's the thing, one of the reasons why people don't like to cook at home is all of the dishes they have to wash. Some recipes have you putting things in small bowls, chopping, browning, and by the time you're done, you've got an extra 10 dishes to wash.

    The Instant Pot Multi-Cooker, however, has a saute function that takes care of the number one "extra dirty pan" issue. Nearly all recipes that contain meat will require you to brown or sear the meat in a pan. This causes what is called the Millard reaction, where the sugars, fats, and proteins in the meat caramelize. This tastes good, adds flavor to your dish, and seals in the juices as well. Plus, since the Instant Pot has the saute; function, you can do it right in the machine.


    Instant Pots Cook Perfect Rice

    If you're a rice eater, maybe you really like to eat the rice but you have trouble cooking it. Sometimes it's not done, other times you burn it in the pan, and the worst problem is the boiling over on the stove. Well, worry no more, once you get your favorite kind of rice and recipe figured out on your Instant Pot, it's all automatic from there.


    Then, every single time you cook rice, it will come out exactly the same. No burning, underdone, or boiling over either. And, if you like onions, green peppers, carrots, and some meat in your rice, you can do that too. In fact, there are at least 20,000 Instant Pot rice recipes of different countries and styles available on the internet. Find one, try it out, adjust it to fit your tastes, and you can make it exactly that way for all your guests the next time they come over. People will rave about your ability to cook perfect rice, but it's all in the machine.


    The Instant Pot Is A Slow Cooker Too

    OK, there are some times when you really need the long, slow-cooked goodness of a slow-cooker. The Instant Pot can do that as well. There are also recipes for using your machine that way available on the internet for you to browse and choose one that sounds good.

    If there is one thing that could convince a person to go out and buy an Instant Pot immediately, it would have to be the incredible availability of recipes online. Everybody's grandma has been posting their favorite homemade meals, converted to Instant Pot use, for everyone else to try. You can literally type in Instant Pot: (your favorite food here) and probably get dozens, if not hundreds of recipes ready for you to try. Many have even taken videos of their cooking exploits to make learning to cook in a pressure cooker even more fun. For more information visit instapot.net web.

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