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Benefits of Using a Instant Pot Pressure Cooker

It used to be a simple task to get a meal on the table, but not anymore. Preferences of family taste require to be keenly balanced with concerns about food safety, nutrition and health. Time also plays a huge role with busy homes that have a dual income and additional activities that disrupt the schedule. Despite the pressure cooker concept being around for a while, it's easy to understand why its usage has re-emerged.

It's the solution to our time crisis and also gets us back to the quality of food we used to know. A lot of people are confused by the pressure cooking concept. Basically, a pressure cooker is a pot that's made up of an airtight lid which internally forms steam to higher temperatures than the boiling point. This allows foods to cook in a shorter time, probably three times or ten times less than the conventional cooking methods. Modern pressure cookers are much easier to use and entirely safe as compared to before.

Flavorful recipes such as legumes, rice, poultry, vegetables, fish and meat perfectly cook in a few minutes. Delightful desserts can also be made with a pressure cooker in a way shorter time than common methods. There're a few benefits of pressure cooking as listed below:

- Saves Time and Money

As mentioned earlier, foods cook in a third to a tenth of the time used with ordinary cooking techniques. Without letting flavors mix, whole meals can easily be prepared in one pot hence saving the time used in cooking and cleaning. If you want to, you can even precook some foods in the pressure cooker and later finish with a traditional method. This will still save the time as well as get you a pleasant meal on the table.

Since the cooking is super fast, this means that the energy bills are low. If you used a single burner for around 30 minutes, you'd save more money compared to heating up your oven for a longer time of say 3 hours. The pressure cooker can also save you money at the supermarket since it can turn the meat's budget cuts into a tasty meal.

- Retains Flavors and Nutrients

Due to the foods cooking fast with a little amount of liquid in a nearly airless environment, minerals and vitamins that are usually boiled away during the process of cooking condense within the pot and are absorbed back into the food, maintaining the special nutrients that are naturally found in the food.

- Provides Safety Features

Modern pressure cookers provide a number of safety devices. For example, there's a locking cover handle which keeps the cover secure from being opened up to the time that the internal pressure of the cooker has dropped safely. A lot of the newly-made pressure cookers consist of a visual indicator that shows if and when there's pressure within the cooker. Although rarely, when the vent pipe gets blocked, there're secondary pressure-relief mechanisms that are made to enable steam to escape.

Once you understand how a pressure cooker is handled, there's nothing else to fear. Always try to keep your face further from the pot so as to avoid any hot splatters or residual steam. For more information visit

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